Parts List used to create an order based on tables


I’m building out a brewery at the moment and I need to place an order for parts based on each tank or connection. All tanks and connections are in their own table. I’ve tried using lookup, filter, buttons, etc to no amount of success. Ideally what I would like is the Master Parts List table to update automatically each time I add numbers to the other tables. Maybe I’ve set it up wrong from the start. But it’s been a while since I did something like this. Moved from being a computer guy to being a brewer over 16 years ago and my chops are not up to speed.

I’ve made a copy of the doc to share and get feedback. Let me know who to share it with and I’ll make that happen. Not to put any pressure on anyone, but I’d like to have it working no later than Monday of next week.



It’s tough to tell without seeing the doc first, but my first hunch based on how Coda works and what it sounds like you want to create is to use one master table and then create views of that table for each tank. Anything added to these views is really being added to the master list.

If you’d like to share the doc, I take a closer look.