Newbie: 1st table for music gear inventory

Hi. Trying out Coda. I’ve been needing to create an inventory list for my musical instruments and recording gear, so I’ve decided that will be my first project. I would love ideas on how I could approach a page for this project. Ideas for anything, really. Formulas, layout. Here are my columns thus far. Formulas seem interesting, but I am not sure I am creative enough to think of them.

Let me give you some practical advice just starting out . . .

Don’t feel like it has to be “complicated” to be good.
Formulas are just tools. You’re going to see a ton of complicated formulas on here and it’s going to make you feel like your document is “too simple.” It’s just not the case. Formulas need to be as complicated or simple as they need to be.

Browse the gallery.
There are thousands of documents in the Coda Gallery. I would look for similar inventory systems and see what others have done–that’s why they’re public. Look for things you like and use them.

Think about what you want from it.
Rather than just having a single table with a bunch of records, create different views that specifically show exactly what you want.

  • Out for Repair
  • Most Repaired Items
  • Total Value by Gear Type (chart)
  • Serial Number List

Ask for help.
Once you realize that every single question is stupid, then you can feel free to ask anything. We all love to help here.

Specific Suggestions (without knowing your exact use case)

  • Add an image column for the item
  • Add a photo of the model/serial number
  • Add a “Time Since Out For Repair” formula column (duration)
  • Create a separate table for repair shops
  • Add custom formatting to Value to show low-high value
  • Add a link to the manufacter page (or other related pages)

Feel free to ask anything!

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@Troy_Larson, thank you! I will check out the gallery and see what I can learn. And thanks for your suggestions. Your specific suggestions will make it more fun. I’m doing it so my son would have a grasp of what I had if I got hit by a bus. The addition of the image and link to other pages like the MFG would make it more interesting. Maybe even links to appraisers he could contact. But until I get hit by that bus, I want a page that is fun (to look at) and also would keep things up to date.