Pasting numbers sometimes turns cells into select list

In the following number columns:

When I copy list of number values from another similar columns, their format turns into Select List:

having me to reformat the columns every time.

Dear @Mostafa_AlBelliehy,

Having in mind that it’s always better to share a dummy doc, as from the screenshots it’s not always that easy to see the “background” of the data displayed.

When a number is lined at the right of the column it’s an actual number, when lined on the left it’s a text and needs first to be converted

I still need to further understand sharing. I shared a dummy doc before, and found all my docs shared.

In the first screenshot, you can find “123” at the top of the column, it’s originally a Number column. I copy another numbers from another “123” column to this column, and turn into “Select List” as texts. It’s probably because not all cells had values in the source column, and because pasted values were very few, the paste considered them selectable values. This is common when pasting few values into a lot of cells.

Hi @Mostafa_AlBelliehy,

Coda does some work in the background to make a best guess for matching the type of data being added and the column format type. In this case, when you’re pasting in values, Coda is guessing that a select list is the best data type for the column.

We’ve had feedback on this and the want to set a column type once and have that override Coda’s guessing. I’ll add this to the notes.


For posterity, here’s a link to a previous discussion on this: