Persistent Undo (or Snapshots) in the formula editor

The formula editor has improved by leaps and bounds over time, for which I am extremely grateful. But I still have to use some complicated work-arounds that could be avoided by adding a more powerful undo or a snapshot feature.

When you are working on a complex formula, undo works great - you can type stuff in, take it out, and so on. BUT as soon as you close the formula window, that edit history is lost. You can have a working formula, try and add features, break it, then struggle to get back to your working version.

So I often find myself doing the following: getting a basic version of a formula up and running, then creating a brand new column and copying over the basic version and trying to add features, all so I don’t lose the progress I have. (I know others copy and paste their formulas into other places before editing, but honestly I haven’t had a lot of success with that.)

If your edit history was saved after you close the formula window, you could just undo your additions.

I understand that this would be resource-heavy. And an alternative would be a “snapshot” feature - I get my formula to a certain state, take a snapshot, then make some changes/additions. If they break things, I can simply restore the snapshot.

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