Personal Information Manager

Hi All,

Below is a document that contains some of the concepts I use in my Personal Information Manager.

There are only simple Coda functionality used in the doc, but hopefully newcomers to Coda could get a feel for the advantages of having all your personal information in one place, rather in several different spreadsheets all over your hard disk.

From your to-do list, reference somebody that is in your contact list, and link to a research project that you work on together, etc.



Thank you for sharing Pete. I like that you added functionality that incorporates the Coda Chrome extension. I need to use that more!

The only downside to the download extension is that I have about a hundred downloads, of which I have read 2. Maybe.

But I do use that to store links to interesting docs in the gallery, and If I need the concept that they used, then I can find it easily again.

Every day I am delighted by Coda, in so many different ways. At the moment I am building a doc on renewable energy installations in South and Southern Africa, it is working so well - I am using some of the beta features.



im missing something here

what functionality uses the chrome coda extension?

thats new to me



I can see how the list of things to read could pile up with the Coda extension.

I also have done a lot of research in the renewables space. I use Coda too and find the Detail page layout for each of my records of data to be really helpful.

I am enjoying the beta as well. I want to see the “Canvas Column” shrink the preview down as I have put too much text in my Canvas Column practice runs. There probably is a work around.

Anyway, thank you again!

With Warm Regards,

Gretchen Teagarden

Hi Xyzor,

I use the Coda extension to download webpage into a specific table in Coda.

In Coda, that table (below) has some additional fields that I use to organise the downloads:

For example I use the Topic Column to group the downloads.
And then on, for example, a page dedicated to “Coda” Topic, I have a view of the table “Interesting Topics” filtered on Topic = Coda.


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slaps forehead!

didnt realise it could do that

but then, the stuff i dont know about coda would fill a book!

thanks @Piet_Strydom


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