Phabricator Pack Support

Hey, are there any docs or hacks for better using Phabricator? I love that it’s a pack, but it doesn’t seem to be well supported and I’m not sure if anyone else has had success using it well - as the only community post relating to it is requesting it be added.

My primary pain point preventing me form using it right now is that there aren’t great controls for constraining the data you can sync/pull. We have an excess of 10k users so I can’t consistently have my users mapped to projects in a Coda Doc that would pull in relevant diffs for them - if we want to track changes for a set of files, for example. The Differentials table is not useful without the Users table synced.

I know Phab supports queries in their coinduit search API’s (which I assume is what the Pack is using), but is there a way to hack around the inputs that are provided by the Pack to pass more advanced queries? Or alternatively, does anyone know/think desired constraints can be achieved taking a different route?

I think this is an awesome Pack for tracking team code commits, but I think it’s largely stymied by the limited functionality. Hopefully there are some clever solutions I’m overlooking though!