Pie Chart Custom Label Questions

Hey guys! I’ve introduced Coda at my firm a few months ago and have been in love with it since!

A quick question regarding Pie Charts:

Is it possible to display the pie chart segment data (count and/or percentage) alongside the segment name by default, without having to hover over the segment for details. This would streamline my dashboards a lot. (If this isn’t a feature I suggest it gets added soon)

If not what is the quickest way to get this data out beneath the chart, without writing many little formulas that address each segment separately. Keep in mind that the segments are constantly changing and I don’t want to constantly have to keep tweaking many little equations. If it can show the segment colors it would be a bonus.

e.g. result: SEG1 (3/12 - 25%) | SEG2 (3/12 - 25%) | SEG3 (6/12 - 50%)

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

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Hi @Yousef_Alshaikh :blush: and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

There’s an “old trick” for that which has its limitations but does the job :blush:

In the table you use to store the datas of your pie chart, you can add a text column called Label (or whatever you want) and then add a Concatenate() formula (or Format()) to create a label (:sweat_smile: ) with the desired info you wish to display next to each segment of the pie chart :blush: .

Then, in the Options of the pie chart you can select that new column as Category and the pie chart will display what’s in the Label column instead of probably just what’s is set as the Display column in the table :blush:

As you’ll see in the sample below, my “Label” column is here called [Name + %] and the formula in that column is simply this one :

Concatenate(thisRow.Name," | ",thisRow.[A Percent])

(See the table below the pie chart in the sample :blush: )

Now that we have Canvas Columns, maybe something like this could help you display the chart and in a column on the canvas next to it, a table where only the important datas concerning the chart are listed :blush:

(This will probably look better in its own tab than here :blush: )

Those are just very quick samples and ideas :blush: … But I hope this helps :blush:


Thank you @Pch for such a brilliant solution! It’s a simple hack, yet so powerful! :clap:

End result below. :ok_hand:


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