(SOLVED) Get a pie diagram from a link column

In this example document

I got a column where I can select multiple values from another table
Want to find a way getting possibily a pie diagram with the % distribution of each single item from the second table relative to the times is counted in the first table

Hi @Davide_Z ,

Please check your doc and let me know if the pie chart is how you want it to be.

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Yes is working fine, thanks
Will be nice if AI will be able to help in getting the trivial count data, I suppose any with a bit more knowledge than me would be able to create this formula (just to don’t use the valuable time of you experts for these trivial things)

just to don’t use the valuable time of you experts for these trivial things

No, we are here to help one another. Sometimes trying to help someone with what looks like a trivial thing you end up find a better and even easier way.

Read the documentation and if you do not know/understand something then search this forum, read it and ask what you need.

That’s how learning happens.

  • Let’s see what Coda Brain will bring to the table.


I just want to echo what @Cristian_Nichifor said - we are on the forum because we enjoy trying to help. And second, often times you get new perspectives from other people’s questions and answers.

And if you provide an example document, it just makes things so much easier.

But it’s just a ramble,
Rambling Pete

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