🙏 Possible to create checklist within a cell?

I have many clients for whom I’m creating custom technical manuals, and I’d like to use Coda.io to make a list of all clients and, for each client, a checklist of all possible chapters with checkmarks indicating which chapters are relevant per client.

I initially thought a subtable would address this, but now I see this is only a lookup between tables (and I don’t need a bi-directional view of this information), and it only works with select lists.

I considered using a select list (selecting multiple chapter titles for each client), but I can’t find a way to display each selected chapter on its own line (within the client’s row)—only a big paragraph blob that contains all selected chapters (hard to distingish, at a glance, where one chapter stops and another begins).

Is there a better way to acheive what I’m trying to do? Thanks :pray:


My recommendation is to use subtable - I think it should really work well for your use case . btw, if you ever want to figure out “Which Chapters are assigned to which client” - subtable would help you a ton.

if you want a select list, here’s a way to do it

Thanks for your response Krunal!

How exactly would a subtable work to address my needs? Is this displayed in your screenshot gif?

I did set up a subtable actually, though it’s not helping my initial goal :thinking:

If you want to see your chapters row-by-row, I think the best way to do this is creating a separate table with client-chapter links one-by-one and group this table by clients.

However, if you want to select chapters in one place and then just fill some table, here is an automatic way to do this (see Links list and Auto table):

You select your chapters in links list and they automation rule fills auto table. You can add to auto table any columns from client and chapter you want.

Note, this solution is pretty slow and overengineered because of CurrentValue scope problem. I am really looking forward when Coda’s developers will fix that.

@Ashley_Creighton seems like you have relationship setup great - now see if this article helps you? https://help.coda.io/articles/2765782-creating-subtables

you need two things I think

  1. display Clients and Sections in “Detail mode” (the grid icon on top right corner would have that option)
  2. once you see the details show up - click on pencil on top right corner and display "Sections
    " as table.

if you run into issues, please feel free to reach out to us from in product help to initiate a chat and one of us would help you right away.

Thanks for the thoughtful response, Denis :pray:

This is a bit more work than I can justify, though I love the way it looks grouped in the Auto Table.

Hmm :thinking: I’ll give some consideration to this solution, thanks again :relaxed:

Thanks Krunal. I’ve actually read that article many times and set up my subtable accordingly.

I tried your steps, but I don’t see the option to “display as table” anywhere when I click the pencil icon. (and I checked every place I could, as you can see in my video.)

Will you explain exactly where I can find this setting?


First of apologies - @Ashley_Creighton - I know this feature is not at all intuitive -

Based on screenshot you shared, I think the problem you are running into is - the select list is populated by just “text” values (section Names) but not “Row references” (like SectionList) - and table doesnt show up for “Text” values - if you change the formula on your select list to be just “SectionList” - instead of “SectionList.SectionName” - I am almost certain you will get the option to toggle table on “Sections” column.

if that doesnt work, please reach out to support via in-app chat and ask whoever responds to connect you with me (Krunal) and we will work on it together.

Thank you and apologies,

Thanks for working with me on this, Krunal.

I tried what you said and it didn’t work. Exactly where should I expect to see the option to “display as table”? Will you provide a screenshot?

I think we should continue our discussion here for others who will need to know this information, or we can discuss one-on-one via support chat and I’ll post our solution here. :+1:

Change Sections column type from Select list to Lookup from table. And it should work, you will see this: