Present table of GIF animations with auto play on hover

I’d like to present a table of GIF animations so that the starting frame is shown for all GIFs in the table and then when the user hovers over an image the animation plays. Similar to how Youtube results are displayed. Thanks.

Hey David! Great question! :smiley:

We don’t currently support his hover action you’ve described. As of now, the gifs will loop infinitely once placed in a table:

Screen Cast 2022-08-15 at 2.19.53 PM

That hover functionality would be super cool, though! I’d love to record your interest in this in our feature request tracker if you’d like! I can send over a few short questions to log it officially if this is the route you’d like to take. Just let me know!


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Hi Nicole, I’d be happy to answer the questions. Thanks.

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