Printing the page as a PDF

Is it possible to get Coda to show me where each page will be divided when printing, so that I can space things out better before printing a long document?

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Sadly, as far as I know, we can’t insert manual “page breaks” at the moment or somewhat see the ones Coda will use when export as PDF :pensive:

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Printing support and PDF generation from Coda (natively from browser) are really badly supported atm (not to say basically impossible if you have more than 1 page or dynamic content), so my recommendation is to use some 3rd pary software (like craftmypdf) and integrate it with Coda (tho it would probably requre subscribing to that service)

Looks like there’s a free subscription on CraftMyPDF but the problem is there’s coding involved to get the two to communicate. My friend that is a coder said this when trying to help me:

“I looked into that situation and I don’t think that pdf plug in does what you think it does. I think I see what you want to achieve (define pdf line breaks). The plugin takes data from a json and creates a pdf based on a template where the keys of the json are fields of the template. So you’d need to somehow have the entire document in that json object. I peeked around a bit for a different solution. Someone had a trick of embedding tables in something to prevent mid table page breaks I think. I didn’t quite understand.”

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