Problem displaying subpages


I have just noticed a rather strange difference and I would like to know if some of you have the same problem.

The subpages are classified differently according to their size and it is quite annoying especially when the document is intended to be shared.

In small format, no worries, the order is well respected, in medium and large format it’s not the same and it totally changes the layout of the document.

If it’s a bug, I’ll send it to the support, if not, I wait for your solutions :slight_smile:



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Nobody from the support and community would have an idea?

Hi @Thierryvm ! Sorry you are having trouble with this feature. The feature is not a bug, but when you increase the size of those subpages Coda looks at them as columns and not a row format. The way to work around this would be for Large icons to take those sub page URLs and paste them into the main page and then change the format to a card. From there you can use the canvas columns to reorder them how you would like! I hope that helps!



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