Subpage Borders

Across Coda documentation, images show subpages without borders and organized in columns. However, my docs redner subpages with shadowed borders, in different sizes. The former looks much nicer. What am I missing?

It’s hard to fully know what your talking about.

The way subpages are rendered on a parent page recently changed (about 6-8 months ago) so you could be viewing old documentation that doesn’t have updated images.

Maybe share a screenshot of what you’re seeing though so I can be sure of what you’re referring to?

Thanks so much. Here’s what I’m seeing the documentation (attractive):

Screen Recording 2021-08-05 at 10.42.53 AM

Here’s what I see when I add subpages (unattractive borders, sizing and spacing):

Yup. I guessed right. You’re seeing old documentation of how things used to be

I preferred the old way too - but there’s no way to get it back.

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Bummer. Thanks so much for confirming.

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