Opening my document I found in moment (?) where before was my pages! What about bug report? Some difficult system! Only easy to find sales department! Very sad

Screenshot of bug

How to work with service like that? it is not first weird issue appearing from the air. Does any one know how to get fast support from them or better to change to other service?


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click the 'learn & help" button on the bottom right of every coda page to get instant connection to the coda support team. i have always found that they are very helpful indeed.

btw; you do not describe the nature of your issue.
your screenshot does not show what the problem is.
are the question marks not intended?

can you explain the issue please?


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I attach screen. There is nothing from my side to describe :slight_smile: I open my doc and it was frozen for a moment. After it all structure was gone.
THX about button in the right corner. I was looking everywhere but not there. Button is on white background and white color with grey border. Who designed it did not want user to see it easy.

After I follow your advice it is same I found by myself using google. It is fast line to people who is basically do not have user experience and have problems with simple steps to do!
in my situation it is 100% bug of developer. I am paid user and not trying get anything for free.
But at least should be easy and fast way to report bug for developer if they are only coding app they already selling as product. From what I see it is very raw and pages can crush easyBug of page with crushed formatting and link with subpage

Your screenshot shows a page with five subpages. The page contains the outline of the subpages and some paragraphs with text and many question marks. You have drawn some arrows all over the screenshot, the sense of which is not understandable. Can’t you please write down what the problem is?

I already in touch with support team. I describe them and can repeat same here:

  1. I create blank doc

  2. I wright sentences, applied h2 style, create subpage.

  3. I did in my order.

After i open this doc again. It was first for a moment frozen. And after it mixed up all order and show this
??? In place where should be subpages
As I understand.
I did not edit it or do anything. Just open.

For now I open doc and it fixed. Coders I sure knows what was wrong :slight_smile:
About App I sure they should change way to submit bugs and way how to get support.
My situation is that I will continue to use Pro subscription but for future will be more careful and for that moment I will be open to shift other app if I see better one.

I did not get any mail with explanation and apologizing and bla bla bla
of course I do not need it, But good way to keep customers is …

If I understand you correctly, you wanted to put links to the subpages on the page you showed.

I suspect that these page titles surrounded by one and two question marks are due to a formatting error when creating the page links. Did you insert the page links as shown in these two screenshots?

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