Https:// -Not found

page not found on coda website

thx for fixing this, cheers, Christiaan

This is what I’m seeing. Is it still not showing up on your end?

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hi @Renita his is how it goes:

Every time I open that page I have to hit F5 before I get to see the text - which is a bit odd.

Thanks, Joost! I just received word that refreshing the page should get it to show up, so you’re right on the money there. In the meantime, we’re working on a fix that should deploy soon.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Christiaan!

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Realized I never followed up here but thought I did :sweat_smile:. I think the fix for this landed on 2/8. Let us know if you notice any other funny business happening or if this is still happening on your end. And thanks again!

in a certain movie the lady would ask 'what took you so long … :wink:
thx for the update, it works indeed : Terms of Service
we should have an automation in place to remind people to close & respond to questions, don’t you think?
cheers, Christiaan


Yes to this! And you guys are always guessing what we’re up to in advance lol! Steph’s actually working on something to help us with this, so hopefully you’ll be able to notice and see those improvements trickle in sometime soon :wink:

Hope you have a great weekend!

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