Problem with bullet points

Hi, I am finding the bullet points quite glitchy when used in a normal doc, when I press return for a new bullet point, it often stops being a bullet point and I have to select it and change the format again (it’s really quite annoying)

I still have this problem, it’s infuriating - driving me crazy. Please fix

Hi @Michael_Pilgrim :blush:

This sounds strange :thinking: as when pressing Enter you should get a new bullet.

May I ask what browser you use ? As I never had such troubles on Chrome …

I use Chrome. It only happens when decide to make it a bullet point after writing a line. Then when I press enter, the next line isn’t bulleted - and it happens every time

Sorry for the late reply @Michael_Pilgrim but I would contact the support through Intercom :blush:.
(the big bold question mark (:question:) you should see at the bottom right of your screen :wink: )

I just tried again but I really can’t reproduce this issue :confused: .