Can Coda change back bullet point slash command to what it was?

Hi Coda,

When I do the slash command for a bullet point (which is very often) now a “Bullpen” template comes up. I would rather have the bullet point instead, is there any way we can reverse that?

I would prefer ultimately typing “/bu” and click the enter just once to be able to get to the bullet point, this is the best workflow for me and I would assume many others as well


Tagging along with this – before today, I could type /new to add a new button, but now the first result is a template called ‘New Terrain Tracker’ which I’ve never used, nor do I want to use.

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@Jake_Nguyen1 You don’t need a slash command. Just enter a hypen and hit the space bar. It will create a bullet.

To add a button, use /button. I get ‘New button’ at the top of the options once I’ve already only entered ‘/but’.

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