Slash command to make row in table

Pretty much what the title says. I’m hoping to find someone to create a custom pack for me that allows me to type a slash command and that slash command creates a row in a table (and ideally open that row as a modal).

Is this possible?

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Is there any specific reason you want to do a slash command as opposed to having a button do that?

To my knowledge, packs don’t allow for custom actions activated via slash-commands although that would truly be awesome - Holy moly @Eric_Koleda please pass that along if not already in development. If we could essentially mimic complex/custom button actions on command anywhere in our doc (rather than having to navigate to a fixed location where a button exists) that would be amazing.

Maybe not a pack feature but a native Coda feature? cc: @noah

Anyways - @Sarah_Heyborne1 - I think you are out of luck for your specific request right now, but you could easily still make a button that adds a row and opens it as a modal

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@Scott_Collier-Weir thanks for the quick reply! My rationale is exactly in line with yours for wanting the slash command → action pathway but in the meantime buttons will suffice.

@Eric_Koleda would love to talk about this if it is in development!

Not something the Packs team is working on, but I can see how that would be useful.

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Love this idea! One we’ve thought about (and I’ve personally suggested!) in the past but have not found time to work on. I’ll add another vote to the feature request!


Yeah - To instantly run an action (a custom action defined via CFL just like in any normal button) but without being confined to a fixed-in-location button.

That would be game changing. It would like being able to set keyboard-shortcuts for buttons that already exist in your doc and triggering them with that short-cut.

So cool

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