Product Hunt Golden Kitty Awards are here!


Hope everyone had an awesome holiday break :ski: :snowman: :fireworks:

As most of you know, we’re avid users of Product Hunt here, and have launched a number of products on the platform (from our launch out of stealth in 2017, to Coda Packs and Automations in 2018). Your support is what makes these launches successful, so a HUGE thank you :pray:

We plan on doing a ton more in the platform in 2019, and would love to kick it off right with a Golden Kitty :heart_eyes_cat:. If you’re a Coda fan and think Coda Packs or Automations should be in the running for one of the categories, let us know by nominating! Deadline is next Tues. Jan 8 @ 6pm PT.

Also be on the lookout for some fun feature announcements this month. We’re excited for an action packed 2019 with you! :rocket:





5 emojis too many.

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