Long dark silence period with no new releases

Please tell us this long dark silence period with no new releases will be shortly followed by the release of a great feature such as full functioning pages inside databases!

Please, give us some news, Coda Team!!

I’m sure plenty others get in their inboxes everyday anxious only to find some great new Coda functionality.

The cardinal rule of being a Product Marketing Manager is not to commit to product launches until they’re nearly across the finish line. But I will compliment you on your instincts :wink:

The team is indeed working on a few, big game changers right now. More to share in the coming weeks!


Hahaha, I knew it! I enjoyed the “game changer” part of it :sunglasses:

Please sign me up for beta testing, I’ll provide every feedback you need :grimacing:

I truly open my Gmail every single day longing to find an email update from Coda. I almost had trouble sleeping this last weeks, kkk


This is serious addiction, @Daniel_Velho :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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It’s the calm before the storm… :wink:

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Now that we’re talking about it - would that long-standing feature request of being able to cap the number of rows of a Text field so that Text fields don’t become crazily tall - and hence need to be hidden in order to keep the table workable - also be part of the big game changers? Longing for it! (I know one can do wrap / unwrap now already but that doesn’t help for hard returns). Thanks for considering!


My teams and I would also benefit from this!