Programmatic date Range in Date columns

I have a table with two date columns: start of event, end of event.

I can’t find a way to force a range of possible values to the columns.

Typically the end of event date should be after the start of event date.

Ofc I can set conditional formatting to highlight rows that have incorrect dates, but is there a way to set programatically the range of possible dates in a date column?

Thank you

Hi @Iko_The_Lost_Bay

I would suggest to create an external table with all your dates in this format


Then, when you create your “End date” in your table as a lookup to this date table, and use custom filter to say “show me only date that are greater than the beginning date”

Does that sound like possible to you ?

Edit : in a hurry now but I’ll show you an example later


OK, easier with picture :

1/ you create your date database, as long as you wish, in my example i can also check if the date is a monday or whatever

2/ You create your main database with begin date, end date. I suggest each date is a lookup to the Date database

Then, if you want a end date greater than begin, just make the lookup and add custom filter

Another use case : if you want to select only monday, just filter where DayNumber=1

Then you can custom the range as much as you need !
Is that clearer ?


Hey Quentin, sorry for the late response, the work day has been super long.
That’s a super clever solution, thank you.

In my case the date database would be a couple of years, so I might fill it programmatically with an increment. But yeah that works beautifully. Awesome!
Thanks a lot

Yeah coda can totally handle this ! And if you want a good way to create your date database >

  • define a starting date, and put this formula to your table, that will put the beginning in row 1, and autofill date according to row Id

Then create this button to generate your table as long as you wish using Sequence

CODA may calculate a bit, and as you refer to rowid you have to be clean directly. But if you prepare it correctly once, it will work !

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