Date Range Picker... but in Columns?

I have two columns: Start Date and End Date

They’re both formatted to date column types.

The behavior I would like to happen is that by default, if a “Start Date” is picked, “End Date” is automatically populated with the same date. But, the user can modify that “End Date” as they please.

I tried a few things… (Formula for empty rows, automations)… But nothing is working the way I want.

Curious if others have similar experiences or other ways of resolving this?

Thank you :smiley:

Dear @Camille_Nussbaum,

It’s not possible, but would be a nice feature request.
You might want to update your post to the “suggestion box”

Optional you could consider to be able to set the end date with a slider to add + days:



Well, you’ve already tried automations, so…

The only other way is to give a user a button to press to fill in the end date from the start date or vice versa, depending on whichever is blank.

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Thanks everyone for the ideas! Appreciate it. :slight_smile: