Starting the Start Date

Coda Ninjas

For some reason I am unable to enter a Start date to get this going. I am unable to enter anytihng into the Start Date field, does anyone know whats wrong here?



The [Start Date] token in your formula is a Text value (indicated by the T icon). The red squiggly underline – according to the “Deleted Reference” prompt below – is a column that has been deleted.

The [Start Date] column in your screenshot is a Date column (indicated by the Calendar icon in the top right of the column). Based on where your formula editor modal is located, it appears that this [Start Date] column contains the formula.

You might consider using two Start Date columns:

  1. [Start Date: Input] = a Date column where you can manually enter a date value.
  2. [Start Date: Computed] = a column with a formula that might look something like this:
    if(Predecessor.Count() = 0, [Start Date: Input], Predecessor.[End Date].Max())

Hi Ander

I copied the formula and now it gives me this:

HI Ander

I fixed the Start Date thing. Now how do I get teh End Date to change if the current date goes beyond it, to change with teh current Date?

ie: If End Date is 29/3/19 and i happens to be the 30/3/19, how do I get teh date to change to teh 30/3/19 as teh current date changes in real time?


If you want to share your doc (or a dummy doc), I’ll jump in and take a look.

The link to Operations. In the TASKS Section.