Progress bar showing % based on "done" status from different columns


I’ve made a table to track different tasks related to a project.

There is district column, and different units under that districts namely “ULB”.

As you can see in the sample doc, there are 10 steps invloved and i want to display a progress bar for each ulb and a consolidated progress bar for each district.

Hope there is some workaround for this.

Thanks in advance!!!


Thanks for writing into the Community! It looks like what you would need to do on this one is figure out what category you want to total by then write a formula to sum the total rows that have that delineator, then take the metric you want to measure by and and divide it by the total number of rows giving you the completed average.

You can actually set up the formula’s separately and then merge them together once you get the desired outcome!

If you are still running into challenges, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on support!

All my best,

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