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I’m working on a project template and I have a Work Down Summary (WDS) that currently doesn’t start the count over for each new project.

I would really love help getting the WDS to start its count at 1 with each new project, and have action items that aren’t tied to a project have their own count.

It would be amazing if someone could help me figure out how to do this.

I could also use help finding the Next Task in Project & Last Task In project.

The next task in the project should show the next task of the same level if level 1, which is going to be a parent AI (Action Item). Then all subtask should show the next subtask of that AI. If it’s the last subtask it should show the Parent AI.

The only items that shouldn’t have a next task should be the last level 1 AI in the project.

Currently I’m using the column “Row”, which is the row number, but if all tasks for a project aren’t added at once in the correct order then this doesn’t really work well.

I would love another way to sort/order the project items without using the row #.

I would also like the eliminate the “AI Started Date & Time_This AI” column and just have the Started Date & Time column, but I can’t seem to make this work in one column.

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi @Tanya_Davis would love to help you get this up and running, but we’ll need some clarity on some of the tables you want to pull from and how you want to account for the data you are trying to count and clock. Noticed you have a lot of broken formulas in this doc. Let us know, would be happy to help try and find a solution! You can also always reach out to us on support! Best, Dan

Hey @Dan_Demers,

I removed a lot from the doc to provide some clarity. I’ve got a lot of formulas in progress.

What’s stumping me right now is finding the next task in the project and the Work Down Summary.

I would think I could use the WDS to find the next task in project for level 1 and 2 tasks at least, but it doesn’t seem to work for all of the level 2 tasks. It looks like some of the tasks have a much longer number that what is showing.

I would also like the WDS to start its count over with each project. So the items with no project will have 1 count and the items with projects will each have their own count that starts over with each new project.

I’ve tried reaching out to Coda Support quite a few times, and they’ve been kinda helpful. I mostly get sent back help articles.

Hey Tanya, Checking in here. How is your Project Planner going?

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