Subtable Question

Hi all! I have a Master table full of tasks that are organized by project and have different “responsible” parties.

I’ve linked it to a subtable, and am now trying to find a way to have columns that show the total hours across all tasks for each “responsible party”

When I add the related column, I don’t know how to filter it down to look at only a single responsibile party per project, let alone get it to add up the hours for that responsible party only.

I’ve figured out how to get the total hours per project but segmenting it down to the responsible party is where I’m getting stuck.

I’ve attached screenshots. Would love any help!

Can you share your doc? This should be an easy fix. You can group your subtable by project and responsible, and sum by responsible and total project.

Responsible should be a select list column. What column type is it?

Thanks for the answer Troy! Yes, I can share the doc. Right now Responsible is a Text Column but it can easily be switched to a select list column

Hi Troy, I posted my page below. Would love your thoughts when you have a chance. Let me know if you can’t access.

Hey @Mebra_Kisaka!

I simply created a view of Work Plan, grouped by Responsible and summarized the Planned Hours with a sum.

Does that fit what you’re looking for?

Hi Troy, almost but not quite. I was able to get that information. But what I’m trying to do is get a sum that shows the total hours Per Person AND per Project. Ideally, this would be done by having a column for each person on the “Project Table” at the top with projects on the left hand side.

By using the “Sub table” i was able to get this information for “WP Planned Hours Column” but when I do a "related column " for the “responsible” party. I get all the people assinged to all the tasks for that specific project.

Is there a way for me to filter this equation so it shows me only what one person is doing and their hours per project?

@Troy_Larson Any thoughts? Right now, I’m trying to use this equation?

thisRow.[WP - Planned Hours - Sum].Filter(thisRow.[Responsible 3]=Buyan).Sum()

But it keeps returning to zero

I added some columns to your table with some formulas that might inspire you to get done what you are looking for. Let me know if this is not what you want.

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