Dual Filter - People & Project

Hi all,

I have 2 tables, one for hours spent on a project (table 1 - Client - Implementation - Hours Worked), and one for summary (table 2 - Client - Implementation - Hours Summary) - how many hours planned vs used.

I want to pull information from table 1 automatically to table 2. But it needs to filter both based on person (how many hours did Bob use?) And the Project - Bob spent 1 hour on project 1 - then be able to select project 2 and see how many hours Bob spent there.

Here is what I have so far - the “used” column is pulling information from table 1 and the formula is [Client - Implementation - Hours Worked].Filter(Name=thisRow).Total.Sum()

So things to add

  • Project column to both tables so I can sort off that - but the Used column in table 2 will only show data for the project I’m looking at.

Currently as you can see I have 2 separate projects selected under table 1, I’ve put the project as “template” for table 2 - but the “Used” hours shown is for both projects - I need it to only show hours for Bob for the Template project. And to keep this logic when I add roles for additional people & projects.

Instead of dual filters, you could set up 2 separate filters ?

You can use “AND” to combine multiple filter criteria. Try:

[Client - Implementation - Hours Worked].Filter(Name=thisRow.Name AND Project=thisRow.Project).Total.Sum()

That worked! Thank you!

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