Project Portfolio

I’m seeing a lot of traction with people using Coda for managing their project portfolios like @Yuhki_Yamashita1’s Figma Product Roadmap / LaunchCal and @Mike_Minecki’s Four Kitchen’s Client Project Roundup / Pipeline.

Inspired by some of these awesome maker docs, I’ve created a simple, generic version of a project portfolio doc for the community to copy and use.

Now that I’ve launched this MVP :rocket:, I have two questions for y’all:

  1. If you are using Coda for Project Portfolios, could you share how it’s working for you? A short story, screenshots with generic data, even a published doc would be so helpful for this conversation.
  2. Have suggestions for improving this template for other Coda users? What resonates, what should we add, what should we get rid of?