ption to share / hide pages from specific people

Use Case: I’m a product designer/product manager responsible for an entire product’s lifecycle, from creating product requirements to design and testing. I keep everything in one Coda file. However, I only want to share my product requirements document with one person, and they don’t need to see the testing and QA sections. It’s a hassle to manage multiple documents for this purpose. It would be fantastic if we could hide specific pages from certain individuals or configure sharing settings on a per-page basis, in addition to the overall document sharing settings.

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If you don’t have your information siloed could you have a general access doc that you can send information to via cross doc that allows people to view?

You could then filter that information based on what team or group that person is a part of so not everyone can access the product requirements. Happy to help you build it out if you need a hand. Just send a DM. :slight_smile: