Public access to user defined pack

We can now (or soon) create our own pack, which is really promising.

However, the private pack is only available if we have a Coda account, so basically, it is not possible to create a pack, publish the doc, and let people play with our doc.

Is it something in the road map?

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To clarify, do you mean having anonymous users use a published doc in play mode, including a Pack? Can you describe in more detail how you would use that feature?

yes, exactly!

I made a public doc for an event. In the doc, I wanted the user to play around with a button → the user adds an input (i.e. her/his name), and the button calls an API (through the pack) to predict the gender.

However, the user was not able to play because it requires an account. Basically, I had to do it for them, using my account.

More generally, it would be great to let an anonymous user to play with the doc, even with our own Pack → to expand the possibility of the published doc with specific needs