Pack Sharing Settings

Hi Folks,

I’m trying to share a pack in development with a few beta testers and in the share menu I’ve selected the option “Can Install” but these users aren’t able to add the pack to the doc for testing.

The only other option I see is to add them as a “Pack Admin”

Am I missing something here?

Hi @Amir_Banihashemi - No, that sounds like the right option. Have you made a release of the Pack yet? Users that aren’t Pack admins can only use the latest release of your code. You can read more about Pack sharing here: Sharing and publishing a Pack | Coda Help Center

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That makes sense, Ill go ahead and release it. Thanks Eric.

Just to be clear, creating a release does not mean that it’s public in the gallery. It just means you created a checkpoint in your code where it’s good enough to be used by others.

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