Published Link Expiration?

To my current understanding, once you publish a Coda Form, it stays published. Is there anyway to unpublish a form?

I would like to suggest that Coda implements a feature to be able to unpublish Coda docs, as well as set a link with an expiration time. This would allow the same form to be changed and sent out without displaying the form to whoever has a link that might have previously used an older version. The only other work around is to set “No Access” to anyone with link, and have each user filling out the form to be signed in and have an account. Or making a different form or each user (which would be much to tedious when the form is sent to many different users).

I have an automation that slightly personalizes my form for each person it is meant for (URL pre-filling does not work for my use case). But now anyone that I have sent to link to has access to whatever version of my form is in use.

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