Publishing a doc: Buttons, Masthead and more

I have published my first Doc. Yey!

Still I have some questions:

  1. How can I enable Buttons here: Partners · ProfessionalED - Infoletter (
    They are working well here: Apply now! · ProfessionalED - Infoletter (
    So I don’t understand what is the difference?

  2. I understand that the first page will feed the FB post with the content I put there. I tried it by posting it to my feed but the photo is oversized. Do you have any suggestion to fix it?

  3. It seems a small bug but I can’t find out hwo to fix it. In this page: Why we are different? · ProfessionalED - Infoletter (
    The background of the image at “Go Beyond YouthPass!” becomes black, however it does not have a background. I don’t really understand why the black background is there. Any suggestion?

  4. Is there a way to have some more design feature? Am I missing something? Like setting the background color, different fonts, more colors for the letters, etc… The layout design elements seems a bit to few!

  5. Somehow all the header images are blurry. Even if I am downloading it from Unsplash. Is it normal?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Tamas_Mahner :blush: ,

I think the difference is that one of your button is on the canvas and the other in a table (displayed as card)…
I’m honestly not sure (as it has been a while since I published anything :sweat_smile: ) but maybe try to publish your doc in Play mode (as apparently it’s in View mode) and check out the Locking settings :thinking:

I don’t think there is… I don’t think it’s something we can control…

I actually downloaded the png in question, just to see :innocent: … And it does come with a black background. Maybe the png wasn’t saved with the transparency ?
I just tested with a transparent png in one of my doc and I didn’t got any black background added to it …

Not really, no :pensive:

This, I can see too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Even the “default” cover appearing after clicking on Add Cover is not as clean as it used to be :thinking:

I’d suggest you to maybe contact the Coda Support about this and/or create a topic in #suggestionbox:bugs :blush:


Thank you so much the detailed answers!! I sent a message to the support about the blurriness the rest of my wishes I believe will come by time :slight_smile:
If they reply I will come back and tell you the solution.


So support said, they know about the problem and working on the fix! :slight_smile:


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