Publishing a document (quota limit for free accounts)

I’m trying to publish my first document, so anyone with the link can see it. When I hit publish, it shows the following error:

You’ve reached the daily limit for doc shares. Please contact support to request additional quota.

It’s the first time I’m sharing or publishing anything in Coda, so I can’t be over any daily limit (unless that limit is zero).

I’m using a free account. I don’t know if free accounts are not allowed to publish documents, it’s a bug or I’m missing something.

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Dear @Miguel_Angel_Garcia , welcome to the community :handshake:

I suggest to reach out to the Codans, through Intercom the “?” At the bottom of your page and request their support.

I am sure they will be able to assist you

Clicking on the “?” brings me to this community, not to Intercom.

Dear @Miguel_Angel_Garcia ,

Alternative is to write to and share the details of the doc you want to publish.