I have a problem in publishing coda form

this message appear to me when i want to publish my form :
You’ve reached your daily limit for doc shares. Try adding names or email addresses directly to share, or contact support to request additional quota. [Provide error code: SH00041]

I can not publish this form :

what is the reason?
I would like to point out that I am participating in the Team plan …

Hi @Muhammad_Hegazy1 , thanks for reaching out! We have a flag in our system for increased security, and looks like your account was flagged.

I can override that for you - would you mind sharing your Coda doc with us?

You can do that by going to the Share in the top right hand corner, clicking the button in the top right (to the left of the “X”), and toggling on Share with Coda Support (the gif below shows how to do this).

Afterwards, please send us a link to that doc in your response so we can take a look!

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