"You have reached your daily limit for doc shares"

Yesterday I worked with several colleagues on a Coda doc. Each of them was completely new to Coda. And each of them had opened their account only a few hours earlier. Yet when they the first time tried to share a doc they received the following answer: “You have reached your daily limit for doc shares” (see attached picture). How is that possible, if you have not shared a single doc before. What should my colleagues do?

Getting the same on the free plan when trying to use a link to share a page. Is that not an option of the free tier or is there something more to configure?

Hi @J-T :blush: and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

I think you might have triggered some kind of preventive mechanism to avoid abusive use of the Sharing Doc feature :blush: … At least, there seem to have been some questions about this when it comes to publishing and sharing a doc while on the free tier :blush:

If, in the error message you get the suggestion to contact the support and share your doc with them, I think that the only way to solve this :blush: .

As @steph said in another topic regarding this question/problem :


Hi @Pch, thanks for the warm welcome and the good info! Currently I’m test driving Coda to see where it can fit in to our workflow. I haven’t shared anything yet with anyone on the team and this was the first doc sharing link I tried creating. I’ll reach out to support and see if they can shed more light or give their blessing. Many thanks!

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@Pch I just read thru the post you linked, Steph’s answer there resolves it! Thank you!


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