⚠ Publishing setting: No copies and no discoverability as default

Dear beloved Coda-Team and Community!

A small change that can save both the Coda team some potential legal trouble in the future and users a lot of trouble and unpleasant situations:

Can Coda please set the “Allow copies” and “Discoverable by anyone” setting to disabled by default when publishing a document?

  1. this setting is only visible through the submenu and is not directly visible to new users.
  2. even experienced users do not know that these settings are set to Yes by default.
  3. In many ways it’s just so much better to assume by default that users do not want every publication to be able to be copied in its entirety and found together with all other documents.

Furthermore, it would be great - probably especially for larger organizations - if they had an overview somewhere in the dashboard of which documents are published and that they can check the public status of all documents from there. I admit, I discovered far too late that I have many documents that are allowed to be public, but I don’t want them all listed together under my profile and copies made of them appearing on the Coda website.

Sure I could have researched this beforehand, but as I said, both users and Coda benefit if the possibility of copies and discoverability on the Coda website has to be explicitly agreed to, and not simply accepted by default.


  1. set the settings “do not allow copies” and “not discoverable” as default.
  2. add a tab with “Published” to the workspace dashboard, which allows a quick deletion.

Thank you very much!

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Hey @Huber_Stefan_Werner ! This sounds like a couple of feature requests that the Coda team has been tracking. Thanks for moving this post into the Suggestion Box for other members of the Community to chime in on this. We’ve gone ahead and tracked your vote for the follow features formally:

  1. Having the “Discoverable by Anyone” toggle off by default
  2. Add a tab to coda.io/docs for Published Docs
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Hi Shaina!

Thanks for your reply! Why I reported it as a bug, I think that it can’t be intended by Coda that Doc-Maker unconsciously want to put documents publicly on their profile. It should be default that this does not happen, because nobody wants this unconsciously, only always consciously.