Push button to set certain date on the datepicker? Is there anyway to do it?

Hi There,

I would like to create a button or checkbox which can push certain date on the datepicker in coda when it is clicked by the user. Is this achievable?

Please let me know of it possible.
Thank you.

@Joco_Wijaya hey welcome to the community. Can you get more specific? Datepicker could reference a control or it would reference a cell in a column formatted as date type.

Do you want the button to set the date’s value in a cell? Or do you want it to adjust the control?

If its the former I can help, if its the later it’s not possible to affect controls (?yet). Or maybe something else? An example always helps.

You can use the formula Now() for the current date and time or use Today() for today’s date. You can use that with a button to write to a column.

Thanks for this answer. It’s very useful.

Do you know a way (formula) that allows me to choose the date instead of it being automatically set?

Hi @Santiago_Sanchez,

You can create a control on the canvas to create a dropdown for a date, then name it, then you can refer to it in any formula or button field.

Type /date in the canvas and you’ll see options popup. You an choose the “Date” option under “Controls”. You can right click on that same item after you create it and give it a name that will make it a variable you can refer to anywhere else in your Coda doc.

Or, if you’re in a table, you can create another column and choose the column type “Date” and that will let you choose a date per row. Then you can refer to this as thisRow.Date or whatever your column name is, in your button field.

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