Puzzle #5 is here


It could be our best puzzle yet. Lots of :clap: to @gilgoldshlager41and @adamginzberg64 for constructing it.

Btw, @shishir has a dream that one of you will add an AI based Tic-Tac-Toe player - perhaps exposed as an autoplay the next move button. Anyone want to give it a try?


I’ll try to beat the puzzle first :joy:
But then I have a little idea for an auto play.


Just finished an “AI” version of the tic tac toe that I shared with puzzles@coda.io, I guess you wanted that as well. The AI is not optimal, but it won’t loose to easy and it will try to win if it can.


Here is the solution for the puzzle and a really nice post written by @gilgoldshlager41 https://blog.coda.io/puzzle-5-tic-tac-toe-1b4253019cab