Puzzle #5 is here

It could be our best puzzle yet. Lots of :clap: to @gilgoldshlager41and @adamginzberg64 for constructing it.

Btw, @shishir has a dream that one of you will add an AI based Tic-Tac-Toe player - perhaps exposed as an autoplay the next move button. Anyone want to give it a try?


Iโ€™ll try to beat the puzzle first :joy:
But then I have a little idea for an auto play.

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Just finished an โ€œAIโ€ version of the tic tac toe that I shared with puzzles@coda.io, I guess you wanted that as well. The AI is not optimal, but it wonโ€™t loose to easy and it will try to win if it can.


Here is the solution for the puzzle and a really nice post written by @gilgoldshlager41 https://blog.coda.io/puzzle-5-tic-tac-toe-1b4253019cab