Functional Chess Board


Hi Everyone,

I was taking a look at the Tic-Tac-Toe puzzle and thought that I would adjust some of the functions to create a Chess board.

Here is my working copy:

I’m open to any help, suggestions, pointers, etc. I enjoy a good game of Chess, but I’m not a super efficient programmer.




Hey @Matthew_Farnsworth,

Wow… This is quite the adventure you are going on. I’m definitely going to follow this thread and see where you get.

I’m pretty busy these next couple weeks with deadlines, but I’d love to come back to this and help get it working. I can answer questions along the way though, so keep up the effort and keep us informed through this thread!




@Matthew_Farnsworth this is AWESOME. Have you thought about registering for the Makers Festival and submitting? Registration deadline is this Sunday March 24th - would love to see this in the “everything else” category!

So cool!



I would love to have this completed in time for the Makers Fest. We’ll see if my calendar will let me finish.



Anybody have any brilliant ideas on how to prevent pieces from being able to jump over other pieces?

I’ve got the basic rules of Chess programmed in so that when a piece is highlighted, it will display available moves (or disable spaces that would constitute illegal moves). I’ve also eliminated other pieces from the same team as being viable moves (I haven’t gotten to capturing yet).

What I need now is a way to say that a particular path is blocked and that spaces that would normally be legal moves are now allowed because there is a piece in the way.

Any thoughts?