QR code to push a button => potential new way of automation!

Hi makers and @Glenn_Jaume

We have Bar codes and buttons, I have been searching for a way to get a QR code pushing a certain button in a certain doc.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get my head around it :frowning_face:

Obviously this creates new use cases, one of them would be voting.
For example you place on a menu a “Satisfied” and “Disappointed”, QR code and people can give a feedback.

Thanks for your attention and suggestions in advance :bulb:

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I’m experimenting with a little different solution but a simliar use case.

  1. Let’s say you have a menu and each item on the menu is a row in a table.
  2. Create two (or more) button columns so you will have a “Satisfied” and “Disappointed” button for each row.
  3. Create a Barcode column that has the row’s url that opens the popup/modal view of the row. Using the function that I’ve seen in the Barcode Pack announcemnet thread: Concatenate(thisRow.Url(),"&modal=true")
  4. Customize the layout of the popup/modal view of the row that you only display the buttons

This is how it looks like in my use case on a phone display:

Pro: this way you just have to create/print one QR code and you can customize the buttons/actions anytime
Con: just by opening the url you won’t register a feedback yet… the user still needs to push a button


That’s a very cool idea. It’s great specifically because the action is in the scanning operation itself. The qr scan becomes an action, instead of the qr being just a link.

(Of course you should still take the user to a page with some buttons to Undo the vote etc. to get rid of false positives and mistakes.)

If you want to have it working right now, I’m quite sure you can hack it together with Integromat and Rebrandly.

Rebrandly lets you create QR codes and it monitors the scans. Integromat watches the API and can trigger an action in Coda when a new scan happens :+1:


You would probably Update a row in a table of votes…

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True, but it also fails gracefully. It will not register weird scans or half scans or mistakes. Nice one.