Question regarding the two QBO packs

I thought I would ask this publicly in case anyone else has the same question.

So…I want to make a coda doc that can be shared with others (sold).

I want to use the QBO packs (either one) to bring in the QBO data (Quickbooks). I want two tables - company data and invoice data.

Let’s say 6 data items from the company table and 6 data items from the invoice table.

So the tables come in. BUT…(and here’s the question)…I need to add like 10 more data items to each of the two tables.

How do I set up a blank template like that?? Meaning…I know how to bring in the pack data and THEN add the data items to the tables, but how do I set up two tables before hand and say “Hey customer! Here are two tables. Turn on the pack and you will get the first 6 items with your QBO data. The other 10 cells will then calculate.”

Am I missing an easy fix? I hope this makes sense.

Thanks so much!

Attn: Nick and Leandro

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Hi @Hope_Lawrence1 !

Happy to see you are selling Coda docs with QBO functionality embed in :partying_face:

This is how Packs work when the doc gets copied:

  1. If a table has data, then the user who copies the doc will be able to see that data.
  2. The user won’t be able to sync the table, they need to connect their own account and parameters for the sync to run again.
  3. You can add a button to the doc can cleans the data from the tables.

With that out of the way, you can set up dates in the future as parameters so the tables are empty and the user starts with a clean slate when copying the doc.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thank you! I will give that a try!

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