Stuck and Stumped: Coda -> Quickbook API attachment help

So, I have a table in Coda that contains information to create a bill in Quickbooks via a button (using webhook pack) that will trigger a scenario in Make. Everything works great EXCEPT…I cannot get an attachment to…attach.

Note: while QB pack in Coda can create a bill, I need to attach files into QB. Also, I’m learning as I go and what I present probably can be done better - so any suggestions to improve are appreciated.

I have narrowed down to what I think the issue may be (see pics). In Make, I figured I download the actual file from Google Drive and just upload to QB (since url links for web content/view doesn’t work).

The problem is the Google file data is binary which I thought the QB module would recognize but it doesn’t attach anything when I run it. So, I don’t know if I need to change something in the QB module (Entity) or do a different scenario to get the file uploaded.


Hi @Theresa_Aguilar ! Leandro here the creator of the QuickBooks Pack.

I will add to the roadmap the ability to attach files using an action, that way you can remove your need of using Make :wink:

Do you have a way to access the url of files from Drive in Coda?

Hi Leandro,
Thanks for getting back. That would be an awesome feature along with the ability to enter invoice number and QB tags. Unfortunately, I haven’t had success with this pack.

I have tried to use the QB pack to create a bill but I keep getting the following error.

This is how I set up the columns to feed into the button to create a bill.

Am I entering the information wrong? Since I couldn’t get it to work, I just went the Make route for now. I would love to do everything in house with Coda.


Also, I do have access to the files using the Drive pack in Coda.

It seems billable expenses is not supported in your plan, so you will have to remove that parameter and try again. Let me know is that works!

I think it may be my syntax that’s incorrect…I’ve tried deleting and putting " " for the Billable section. I get this error now:

Here are the column changes:

Can you provide an example of what it should look like?


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Could you please share the doc with me? Or reproduce the same in a new one, my email is

Hi Leandro,
Sorry for not getting back, had so much going on the past few weeks. I did figure out why it wouldn’t work (user input :expressionless:). I was using Vendor ID for Customer ID.

Regarding Customer ID, this is a field I can’t use because it’s not part of my QB subscription which I guess the alternative is to use QB tags. However, I noticed there is no option even for Integromat to pull in these tags. Would this be possible for your pack?

Also, I noticed that the Transaction Report table doesn’t populate anything for the Amounts column even after adding from the Row column. This info would help me quickly match, attach, and track from my table of receipt, invoice, and bill documents to QB expenses. (The upload a file with this pack would be icing on the cake in terms of not having to go through Make/Integromat).


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No problem, glad to hear back from you :slight_smile:

I have one good and one bad news:

  • The bad one is that Tags are not supported in the API, so there is no way to access them at the moment.
  • The good one is that now you can upload files to QuickBooks directly from Coda :wink:

The best way is to have a table with a file column and a button column as shown below:


Depending on your use case you can add an additional column to select the entity id if it’s always of the same type. Let me know if you run into any issue so I can take a look.


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Hi again @Theresa_Aguilar!

This is now fixed :slight_smile:

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Thank you for updating!

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