Quick formulas!

Perhaps there’s another name for this and it’s already been suggested, but I’m really missing the “quick formulas” that Excel, Numbers, etc. have at the bottom of all sheets. I’d love to be able to highlight a selection of cells and, when applicable, to have quick formulas- whats the sum/ mode/ average/ etc. of this selection. For a lot of my use cases, I can think of a few formulas I’d be able to eliminate in my doc just by having this feature available.


The Summarize context menu item does pretty much that - maybe you can play around with filters to get it to apply only to a certain selection.

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Ah yes big fan of Summarize! But it definitely achieves something different, hence the suggestion

What do you mean by summarize is achieving something different?

I think that @Alex_Parks wants the functionality like when you select certain cells in Excel/sheets that you can receive the Average, Sum, Min, Max etc of the selected values.

Well I guess only way to do that is first to filter the table based on criteria and than use summarize, basically as @JosXa suggested.

I know Airtable has functionality @Alex_Parks wants, so it would be nice to have it also here (for example when you need to quickly check some part of financial data), but since at the end of the day Coda is not trying to replace Excel 100% (Both have their use cases) I am not sure how high on priority would that feature be.

correct on both counts. Marko and Jean Pierre! Definitely not a deal breaker I’ve just been finding ways to simply my personal finance ledger which has become a bit bloated performance-wise. I realized many of the canvas formulas I’ve created could actually be solved by quick formulas if such a thing existed. It feels like a bit of a must for any tool that’s going to allow you to store as much data as coda can. But I’m sure I can survive without it :slight_smile:

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