Quote of the day... How can I do it?


I’m new to Coda… switching over from Notion.

I’m trying to build a daily journal in Coda and would like to have a daily quote on my “home page” in my Coda doc.

I have a table with about 100 quotes… so how can I get a new one to show up everyday?

I can get a quote to display by using the @ function, but I have to specify the line number.

If this can’t be done automatically, could I use a button?? If so, how???


Is there a way to put an RSS feed into Coda??? Like this one, https://www.brainyquote.com/feeds/todays_quote

Thanks for all your help!!!


Hey @Joseph_Shields, welcome to the community!

There are a few ways to achieve this. One that comes to mind to me immediately is:

  1. Add a date column to your quotes table
  2. Add a button that will assign the dates in shuffled fashion for all the days that are > Today().
  3. Press that button once and perhaps every time you add more quotes and want to re-shuffle everything that is not in the past yet.
  4. On your “home page” show the quote whose date equals to today.

Here’s a quick prototype, since all that logic for shuffling is easier shown than explained in words. Also because I want to build a more complex demo out of this anyway:

This is not ideal because of the randomization algorithm that recalculates every time there’s a doc update :confused: But that’s for you to get an idea.

Regarding RSS, you can use Zapier to react on new items in an RSS feed and insert new rows into Coda.

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we have few such docs in use at Coda. We use automation to generate random number once a day in a range - so if you have 100 quotes- random number would be between 1 to 100 - and then use that number to pull out the record from the table using Table.Nth(<generated random number>) this way throughout the day, users/visitors of the doc see the same random quote.

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