Trying to use Random() to filter rows

Hey there!

I just discovered Random() and it’s fun.
But I’m struggling to do what I wish to do with a random filter.
I have a table with 113 rows. I would like to create a filter based on Random for each days.
But I can’t as the random changes every time. Is there a way to add a seed to random or change the random value on wish?

again, could you post a picture?

So the problem is that random changes every time you log in?

When is random supposed to change?

My spontaneous though is playing around with modified() or time().

What is your output?

Hey there @Philipp_Alexander_Asbrand-Eickhoff

The problem is that random changes continuously.

In my case, if I don’t edit the document, the random number will not change, but if I edit anything on the doc, the random number will change.
I would love to be able to freeze/record the random number for a period and that this random number would update every X time or once a day.
Here is a screenshot of my table and formulas:

In that case just make yourself an alternative random function…


something like this will give you a “random” number between 0-99 every hour; not all numbers will be covered and they will not occur at the same frequency - but maybe this is at least something?

yes, twice a day it would be the same (I think coda uses 0-12 for hours, not the German 0-24 hour count?)

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Nice, I love that!

When I do =hour(now()) I get a 0-24hrs syntax. Not sure if it has to do with local settings like browser lang or something, but I think it should be global for everyone


I know this is an old thread, but I’m trying to apply this “random” function to refresh the values. If you apply this formula to a table column, each row in the column has an identical number. Is there a way to modify it so that each row will give a unique “random” number that refreshes at the defined time?

Or, there may be an easier method to accomplish my goal… basically, I’m trying to shuffle the rows of a table once per day, but sorting based on this random function is ineffective if all values in the column are equal.

Hey everyone, maybe this thread helps