Random is the same as Random?

The formula Random(true) / Random(true) returns 1 every time.

That must mean that both Random invocations are returning the same number? That’s a problem for many types of statistical questions. Anyone know how to get around this?

Hi @Connor_McCormick,

When i need random(), for example when i need to randomize a number for each row, i cannot just simply put in the column formula “Random()” but instead creating a button that write for every row of that table a random number (to be precise a button that press a button in each row), this is seen from coda as a different action every time and thanks to this random is regenerated

Does this help you? :slight_smile:

Yeah, my solution is to create an external variable called otherRandom and put the formula Random(true) in that. So far that’s working, but if I needed many many instances of randomness this would be untenable.

@Connor_McCormick With my method you can create as much random number as the row in a table :slight_smile:
(in case you’ll never need more…)

They are both inelegant workarounds for the time being, but yes, great to have that as an option. Thank you :slight_smile:

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@Connor_McCormick I believe this is because, when Random() generates, it is generating once for the row, not once for each instance of the function in the formula.

I thought we might be able to address with with the new WithName() formula by creating two namespaces, but alas it does not work:

WithName(Random(), r1 ,
  WithName(Random(), r2,
    concat("r1: ",r1,char(10),"r2: ",r2)

Your best bet is going to be using an action to generate two different random values (whereas I thought WithName() was kind of designed to solve these types of issues).

Good thought! It really should work that way