In Random(), updateContinuosly doesn't work with a checkbox or a comparison

Hi there!
I was playing with the random formula and I wanted to trigger a random() recalculation with the help of a button, and I remembered the optional parameter updateContinuously.

And I thought I could just put a variable in there so when I want to get a new random number I just change it to true and back to false, but to my surprise, that wasn’t the case. When I put a variable in the formula, it doesn’t make any difference if it is true or false, it updates continuously on every edit.
I know there are other ways to do what I want, but I consider this is a bug in the random formula.

I made a doc showing the problem:

I’m disappointed nobody at Coda responded to you. I reported a similar bug and what it comes down to is that the Random formula checks for the literal “false” and not for anything that resolves to the false value.

You can see my bug here.

I talked with a Codan trough Intercom back then and he told me that the formula wasn’t made to support that, it was added to the bug tracker but I guess it hasn’t been prioritized.
I think the only thing to do is wait.