Read-only warning

Let’s say that I want to share a doc with a customer of mine (which is the case, actually). The first time that my customer opens the doc, this warning appears


It’s not what I need and indeed it doesn’t make the correct impression. But it is worse.

Let’s say that I suggest my customer to use the doc in full screen. Well, every time my customer wants to abandon full screen for whatever reason, the fish-starred warning message appears. Again. And again.

I’m aware that his warning is needed for making clear to the user that he cannot edit the document. Fine with that. However, it would be better for docs-as-reports-for-customers if:

  1. The warning message is more neutral. Something like “You are in reading-only mode”, without any hint about contacting the maker
  2. It appears just once
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Thank you for the feedback @Juan_Luis_Chulilla!

I’m passing it on to the team!