Adjust how "your changes won't be saved" is presented


When you first load, you get the alert tooltip and the top bar that says (see original).

Both imply changes have already been made and that you need to revert the document.

SOLUTION: Only show the tooltip and “see original” notice when the user has made an actual edit.



Thanks for the tip Michael. This was something we spent a lot of time thinking through but there was no perfect solution. The specific approach you suggested makes sense and I see the merits. However, we were concerned about the case where a Maker has given set the permissions for “Anyone with the link” to “Can Edit”. For these users coming in, they see a view only version of the doc and might start making changes thinking that they are being saved. So we decided on this to make it clear that those users are expected to sign in first. Agreed it makes the experience a bit less good for the View Only users but we wanted the subtle hints like the tooltip and the (See original) so the editors do not lose any data they enter in.

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